I don't quite understand how politco.com works, but someone pointed me to a story over there this morning about creative last-minute fundraising efforts by candidates as we reach the end of 3rd quarter.

No mention of Ron Paul and the $1 million donation-thermometer at all! It talks about the lame efforts of Romney and Thompson to bring in last-minute donations. These guys aren't paying attention to the realities on the ground.

The story lets you post comments. Please go over there, take a minute to register, and let them know that Ron Paul is hauling it in this week with his online donation-thermometer and blowing every second-tier candidate out of the water!

Here's the comment I left:

I can't believe this piece on creative fundraising missed the exciting efforts of the Ron Paul campaign this week!

After handily exceeding a targeted 1,787 online donations the week of September 17th in celebration of the 220th anniversary of the Constitution, GOP presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul of Texas announced a new effort to bring in a targeted $1,000,000 in online contributions for the last seven days of 3rd quarter fundraising.

Progress is tracked through a real-time contribution thermometer displayed on http://ronpaul2008.com, encouraging visitors to do their part and see their names displayed up on the big board.

Overtaking progress made in similar efforts launched by the John Edwards and Bill Richardson campaigns, Paul has raised over $900,000 towards the $1,000,000 goal with over a day remaining.

With the success of these efforts, Paul is flexing the fundraising muscle of his powerful nation-wide volunteer network, and blowing away fundraising totals of second-tier candidates such as Huckabee and Tancredo.