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Thread: CA getting whacked on CPI

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    CA getting whacked on CPI

    I wonder how many in CA are aware that they are going to owe more state tax and are planing for that?


    The way I am reading it they could owe up to 1.5 percent more. This could throw a bunch off the bus along with the increase in their credit card bill payments. Somehow, I don't see Arnold saying no don't do that.

    Throw in the auto plant closing and Ouch. I saw there are 50K additional part supplier workers that will be impacted along with the 4,600 at the plant.

    Their problems just keep compounding.
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    If Enron were still around, I'd be hoping that the last one out of the state doesn't turn off the lights.
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    I don't really care if I happen to be wrong about your positions, you are wrong about mine.
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    My tax dollars paid to fund ISIS and make fake beheading videos. Are you saying we shouldn't get our monies worth??

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    At the rate they are going you well might be right.

    Looks like more jobs going in Indiana 1100 jobs,

    Getting whacked everywhere.

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    Just hitting the news,

    Precision Technology Inc. just locked and closed the plant and let 130 people go in NH. They said to call if the final checks bounce.

    Folks, I think we are going to see a bunch more of this sad to say.

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