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Thread: Game Over Real Estate Bulls...Game Over.

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    Thumbs down Game Over Real Estate Bulls...Game Over.

    From the end of 2006 through March 31, it says, the total market value of U.S. household real estate fell from $21.9 trillion to $17.9 trillion. That's about 18%. (The lost wealth works out at just over $13,000 for every person in the country.)

    But although house prices get all the attention, they are only half the story.

    During the same period of time, total outstanding mortgage lending rose from $9.9 trillion to $10.5 trillion.

    Homeowners' equity collapsed. Even if we take the Fed's conservative estimates for the decline in house prices, that equity has fallen about 40% from the peak.
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    Well that's not what ZIP Realty stated on Bloomberg today.

    ZIP stated values going up and existing home sales rocketed in July.

    Then again no one brought up/questioned that it was Foreign Investors at a 12% Discount on the US currency since January highs and buying at over a 50-70% discount from the original selling prices.

    Why the MSM is not questioning this is incompetence or outright Fraud/Lies. The proof on the manipulations was Bloomberg's reporting of the BDI Baltic Dry Index, stating it is up 241% YTD, but down 40% in the past 2 months and down 90% YOY. Also, the shipping sector is scapping boats left and right to inflate BDI.

    Lot's of False Positives, with poor reporting and cronism.
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    $#@! it, I'm gonna go buy more silver.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoshLowry View Post
    $#@! it, I'm gonna go buy more silver.
    Haha, Midas Resources?
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    Quote Originally Posted by clb09 View Post

    here you can find that chart updated, adjusted for inflation, logarithmic, against the nikkei bear, you name it.

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