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Thread: FDIC taking bids?

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    FDIC taking bids?

    I hope they have the money lined up when you know what hits the fan,

    These are two big ones ,with a cast of banks waiting to move up to the front to go belly up.

    No matter what, the die is cast. Waves are hitting the bottom of the sugar castle of cards now.

    They can pump this all they want and the fact is, this is not over by a long shot.

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    I'd buy it for a dollar.

    I'd set up a regional chain of banks that trade in sound money only. It would be slow going at first, but once the FDIC gave up the ghost, it'll take off like a rocket.

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    Only the inner circle get it for a buck. I see in the news Gerald Ford is in on the bidding.

    Corus bank is broke also, so the FDIC has their hands full. They know some of us know but, are just crossing their fingers the rest of the population doesn't wake up how bad it is right now.

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