In light of current events, it is time for us to reexamine how we as Americans view the political spectrum. All our lives, we have understood the great political conflict to be Left vs. Right, Conservative vs. Liberal, Republican vs. Democrat, and so on. This is very convenient for media and political elites, but does it reflect reality? I submit to you that it does NOT. The real conflict we must pay attention to is the Individual vs. the State. The way to true freedom is to recognize the sovereignty of the individual. Why, you ask? Because the traits necessary for a functioning free society (responsibility, rights, responsibilities, etc) are in fact individual traits. It is when we lose sight of the importance of individual liberties that government grows and freedom fades away. A nay-sayer might object- "surely there must be a State authority! There is no way individuals can care for themselves! Anarchy will surely result!" The nay-sayer misunderstands order entirely. Compare the interactions you make regularly. The most orderly, peaceful experiences you have take place in a vacuum of regulation. For example, your local mall. Certainly there are general rules established for such a place by the owner, but rarely (if ever) will you find a police force micro-managing every interaction. Yet, this is generally a very peaceful place. This state of harmony (aka "anarchy" or Rothbardian "anarcho-capitalism") is the natural result of free people working to find the most mutually beneficial solution to the problem of navigating the lot and buying goods and services. Now, imagine some of the most regulated businesses in the country-drug and food companies. These are highly regulated from top to bottom. Yet, America is less healthy than comparable countries. Why? Because they are governed not by a truly free market, but by a central planning authority. (FDA, ADA, etc., etc.) Apply this idea to your life. Would you rather have absolute freedom to choose the best governing style, or would you rather be stuck with a choice between bad and worse? If your goal is maximum benefit and minimum cost, your choice must be freedom. I am sure some will insist on simplifying this to some sort of spectrum. If you must have a spectrum, let it run from absolute freedom (where lies political anarchism, autarchism, and libertarianism) to absolute statism (where lies various strains of totalitarianism, communism, and fascism). This is more logical, and will prevent you from falling for political gimmickry and lies. If you do not fear complexity and wish to dispel the myths you've been fed by the establishment, dear reader, I encourage you to think even beyond a simple two point spectrum. The Nolan Chart ( is a good step towards this type of thinking. By becoming an actively thoughtful, insightful person, you will take away the bureaucrats' authority over your life. You will claim your rightful heritage as heir to the enlightened thinking of the Founding Fathers, and the world will be infinitely better for it.