Libertarian Party Will Sue D.C. Board of Elections Over Failure to Count Barr Write-ins
August 7th, 2009
On August 7, the Libertarian Party will file a lawsuit against the District of Columbia Board of Elections, over the Board’s refusal to count write-ins for Bob Barr for president in November 2008. Barr was the only declared write-in presidential candidate in the District. In order to be a declared write-in candidate in D.C., the presidential candidate must file a slate of presidential elector candidates with the Board. Each of the presidential elector candidates must have been a D.C. resident for at least three years. The residency requirement made it impossible for the Constitution Party to file for write-in status in D.C. in 2008. Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney were both on the ballot in D.C.

This will be the second lawsuit filed over a failure to count or tally write-ins. A somewhat similar lawsuit is pending in federal court in Pennsylvania over that state’s refusal to tally any write-in votes for Cynthia McKinney last year, even though she also filed a list of presidential elector candidates with the Pennsylvania Division of Elections.