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    During the 2008 presidential campaign, Ron Paul supporters made up for their lack of popular support by gaming the sort of unscientific instantaneous "polls" conducted by TV shows and websites. I put polls in quotes because these barely qualify as polls. They are presented as an unscientific snapshot of the audience's opinion, but they are not even that. They are so easily gamed by an organized group as to be worthless.

    This was demonstrated by the Paul supporters, who won virtually all of these polls by wide margins, even as Ron Paul got mostly single digit percentages in the Republican primaries. This led many Paul supporters to allege a conspiracy to rig the vote. It also led to embarrassed explanations from CNN anchors.

    Here's a word to readers of I don't know whether or not the revolution will be televised, but I do know that it will not be reflected in instantaneous poll results on

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    I do think we're better off "spamming" the Aug. 20th money bomb. However, like Fox News, the media gets upset simply because their best laid plans don't turn out as they would like. Really, I tend to agree only in the self-interested sense that our time is better served making Rand money ... then I guess we can "spam" a hell of lot more with all the new people we bring into the camp with the TV ads and watch our compeditor's poll numbers and money plummet.

    Oh, and yes, for, the Revolution WILL be televised and Kentucky Fried

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    Check out the blogger Adam Holland's "worth reading" list.
    Meed I say more?

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