"I just heard host George Noory interview Ron Paul on Coast to Coast AM about the Fed. It was a typically excellent job on both men’s part, but when George asked Ron about his plans for 2012, he simply said that while he had plans to run for reelection to Congress in 2010, he had no plans for 2012. He took things one day at a time. But he did not, as he sometimes has in the past, throw cold water on the idea. George did note that wherever he went in the country, and no matter what kind of group he was speaking to, that when he mentioned Ron Paul, people “stood up and cheered. No other elected official gets that reaction.” Darn right. It’s why the Fed is being publicly questioned, for the first time ever. In the interview, Ron showed himself once again as the one sane voice in Washington on foreign policy. Will his next book be End the Empire?"