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Thread: MSNBC: Ron Paulís bipartisan attack on the Fed

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    MSNBC: Ron Paulís bipartisan attack on the Fed

    Interesting article by Chadwick Matlin:

    I love this quote: "The distrust of the Fed has reached a point at which a majority of House members are following a radical into battle."

    I like that. Radical. Not conservative, not liberal, not right, not left - just "radical." I think the country might just be ready for "radicals." I hope the title sticks. The birth of radicalisim....
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    (1 John 4:18)

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    Haha, and they always show that angry picture where his hair is a little messed up.
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    Why wouldn't anyone not want a radical change? The only change we ever get is changing the temperature the frog is boiling in by one degree in each direction. Why even care so much about politics if nothing ever really changes?

    Paul is just so much more exciting than anyone else. $#@! the namby pamby. end the income tax, bring the troops home everywhere. don't transition slowly and pussy around. just $#@!ing do it

    I wish more people had the balls to just put on their "get 'er done pants" and just $#@!ing do something radically different.

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