I just found out about this site: http://www.mturk.com

Basically you log in and you can do simple things on the Internet for money. Like fill out a survey for 10 cents or go post on someone's blog for 5 cents. I wrote a ghost written article about short sales for $1.00 yesterday.

But the site also allows you to post your jobs for users to complete for a few pennies each. If you have some mundane Internet tasks or you need a lot of people to do something simple on the Internet you could spend ten bucks and get a lot done.

It's certainly not a work from home type of setup since you're not making anywhere near minimum wage, it's more something to do if you're bored and want to mess around on the Internet. I played a flash chess game and wrote a review of it for 5 cents. All the money goes toward your Amazon account.