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Thread: Lots Of Looting

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    People always bitch about "big business screwing over the little guy", but most won't say a word when it's the other way around (props to this reporter, though). Here was a case of clearly illegal plunder, but the little guy is also quite willing to obtain his plunder legally, as was the case were the National Federation for the Blind sued Target for $6 million because their website wasn't blind-friendly enough:
    It shouldn't be a surprise that big biz often makes unholy alliances with government when things like that happen, but of course there are some who would try to do so regardless, as Ayn Rand warned about. A minimal government keeps both big and little plunderers in check.

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    No one here wanted to be the Billionaire.

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    I thought we've been plundered all our lives by big corps. Pirates are an effect of that corporate welfare. this is not unexpected. it is earned.
    rewritten history with armies of their crooks - invented memories, did burn all the books... Mark Knopfler

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    AHAA! "Lookin for looters" Umm Mr's police officer....there's a looter over there...with a BADGE on.

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    The real looters came after the storm. They're buying up all the land for pennies on the dollar to turn it into the next Vegas.

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