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Thread: The Grayson, Bunning, McConnell backroom deal? Bunning to drop out on Jul 15 ?!?!?!

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    Question The Grayson, Bunning, McConnell backroom deal? Bunning to drop out on Jul 15 ?!?!?!

    This blogger is asking some serious questions:

    Now it is being heard all around Capitol Hill that Grayson is telling people he is definitely running. But that's not all.

    According to multiple sources Grayson has been telling people that Senator Bunning will be dropping out of the race on July 15 and that Grayson is the choice of Mitch McConnell.

    If Grayson is spreading this rumor around in Washington, a fact he was given a chance to but didn't deny, it raises some very interesting questions. If he is right, does he have some sort of "deal" worked out that would explain why it would be "no problem" to run for Senate? Has he been privy to some very inside information and if so has that been obtained legitimately?

    But more importantly if he is wrong has he put his trustworthiness on the line in an effort to "sell a hog bigger than he can raise?" The impression the announcement of his finance committee was seemingly intended to leave was after all not what it appeared to be. His promises NOT to run against Senator Bunning now seem to have an expiration date.

    And other reports that Grayson is telling people he is the pick of Senator Mitch McConnell have also raised some questions about his veracity.

    One thing is for sure, either way it goes Grayson has some explaining to do and giving evasive answers in the mold of "let me have it both ways" Mitch McConnell won't cut it in today's environment of angry voters sick and tired of political games.

    Read the entire post here:
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    trey grayson thinks he's jacob, senator bunning is easu... and mitch mconnell has to now choose his heir?
    this is the same senate where a guy in alaska that walter hickel gave the job to before he, wally hickel
    goes to work for richard milhous nixon... has been a fixture, and strom thurmond reaches the century mark...

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    you do know in terms of the auld dixicrat game, senator robert byrd at 90something is a very young guy,
    a spring chicken ... and senator strom thurmond in terms of sceniority went the full distance... and methinks
    also that until the tragic brain tumor that teddy kennedy also could have high ranking been in the senate
    until the 2030s for he was born in 1932 and toddled about during the very bottom of the great depression!

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