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Thread: The Price of Carelessness

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    Default The Price of Carelessness

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    getting shot doesnt feel good ak me how i know :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pennsylvania View Post
    Looks like he got to' up

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    It's just a flesh wound.

    That pussy needs to walk it off.
    Speak in defense of our good name
    The blood of kin grants absolution
    I'll join them soon enough in the ground of God's country

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    I got one better. An employee was working for fdx MX dept. Waited 5 yrs to get his job. He finally gets his MX job there and goes out in MEMPHIS to PARTY... lol.. Anyway, the story I was told, they are going somewhere and he has a RIFLE, he has to take it out and put it up. He doesn't want to leave it where it will get stolen.

    Someones trunk.. That someone says, I hate guns, I don't want a loaded gun in my car. The new mx employee says, whatever its not loaded you a@@hole, I'll show you," LOL-- the guy puts his finger up to the end of the barrell and pulls the trigger. I swear this is a true story. BLEW his WHOLE FINGER OFF.. can't remember if it was thumb or forefinger..

    His new nickname is STUMPY. Me personally, I believe some people should be DROWN as a child.

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    Default Lol

    Put a little iodine on that. Might sting a little.

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