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Thread: What food-bearing trees do you grow?

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    Just received and am planting 3 pear trees, 1 Fourth of July Peach tree, 1 Pomegranate, and 1 blueberry bush.

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    What kind of almond? My All-in-one is supposed to be self pollinating. It blooms but has never set.

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    I probably need a second apricot variety as a cross-pollinator . . .
    but I had a ton of bees in the April bloom burst before any leaves are on anything . . . like cherry these are early bloomers -
    . . . and I should prune for fruit spurs rather than let these grow totally "wild" if I wasn't lazy

    Anyhow, for 2018 . . .
    early April - after Easter -

    June 15, 2018

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    I had some most excellent peaches this year . Mostly lost most of muh other blossoms in April snowstorms.
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