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Thread: Homeschooler Shine at National Spelling Bee

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    Thumbs up Homeschooler Shine at National Spelling Bee

    I was watching it yesterday:
    On May 29, homeschooled eighth-grader Evelyn Blacklock from Tuxedo Park, New York, placed second in the National Spelling Bee. The word that finally tripped her up? "Gnathonic," which means sycophantic or fawning. In spite of missing out on first place, Evelyn still took home a $6,000 cash prize.

    "Success in these kinds of competitions is a logical extension of good academics," says Michael Smith, President of Home School Legal Defense Association. "The achievement of these homeschoolers shows that their parents have provided excellent academic instruction."

    The impact of homeschooling in these academic competitions goes beyond students who win. Although homeschoolers make up approximately 2 percent of the U.S. school-age population, they made up 12 percent of the 251 spelling bee finalists and 5 percent of the 55 geography bee finalists. Three of the past seven spelling bee winners have been homeschooled. Last year's homeschooled winner of the geography bee was 10 years old, the youngest in that event's history.
    Read all about it

    Great job!
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    Yes, that is great news!

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    YAY!!! Decentralized education FTW! Congrats, homeschoolers!
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    "Gnathonic," which means sycophantic or fawning.

    Umm . . .


    Lol. Little help here?

    I know a baby deer is a fawn, but . . .

    (yup, I went to public school)

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    we must dismantle govt schools.

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    so a public school student won?

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    These are really motivated parents though. There are a ton of people that will basically leave their children to wallow. Of course, over time, children and parents would redeem their previous responsibilities (before govt. schooling), but I guess this all comes with the territory.

    Forgetting all that, this is a definite plus. It shows the power of personal, closely knit family and education at home. Even those kids at private and public schools probably all have a strong home education on top of their formal schooling. I wish I could have been homeschooled. School has tortured me over the years and in hindsight, made me a goddamn idiot. Ron Paul himself has taught me more useful information via videos and articles in a 2 year period than school has in 13 years.

    Let government schools crash and burn. We need a fresh start without the state.

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    Haha punch in the face to the public school kids.
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    so a public school student won?

    EDIT: She is from the welfare schools.

    avya, 13, who will enter the ninth grade at California Trail Junior High School in August, had made three previous appearances at the national bee, each time making it to the championship rounds.
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