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Thread: Rand announces economic advisors

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    Nice! Rand is wise to focus on the economy and to portray himself as a true Washington outsider.

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    The Economic Council of Advisors

    Dr. John Garen
    Gatton Endowed Professor of Economics
    University of Kentucky Department Chair

    Dr. William W. Davis
    Chair - Economics
    Western Kentucky University

    Dr. Catherine Carey
    Professor - Economics
    Editor - Journal of Applied Economics and Policy
    Western Kentucky University

    Dr. Edward Wolfe
    Professor of Finance
    Western Kentucky University

    Dr. Darrin V. Gulla
    Department of Economics
    Gatton College of Business & Economics

    Dr. Brain Strow
    BB&T Chair for the Study of Capitalism
    Western Kentucky University

    Dr. Claudia Strow
    Assistant Professor - Economics
    Western Kentucky University

    Matt Bogard
    Economic Instructor
    Western Kentucky University
    Ok, so are any of them from the austrian school of economics? Or are they all keynesians?
    Maybe some from both?

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