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Thread: Free Talk Live wants to Interview Rand Paul

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    Free Talk Live wants to Interview Rand Paul

    I just traded emails w/ Mark Edge from FTL insisting that they have Rand on soon. He responded by saying that I should get someone from the Rand campaign to email him. So, if anyone here has any connections to the Rand committee and can set something up, email Mark: . Sooner the better. Oh, and Rand my want to be on one of the Saturday shows as they have over a half-million listeners on that day of the week - especially heavy audiences in Charleston, SC; Miami & West Palm Beach & Tampa Bay, FL; Indianapolis, IN; Kalispell, MT; Toledo, OH; and plenty more!
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    GOTO the --Rand Paul in 2010-- Forum
    and then connect up with Matt Collins!!!
    repost this! the forum has a tight focus.
    free publicity would tend to help in the
    run for the senate that Rand may opt for!!!

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    Thanks y'all, I appreciate the advice. I will post in the RP 2010 area in addition to what TruthisTreason has revealed. Thx again.

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