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Thread: Where to get replica colonial attire?

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    Question Where to get replica colonial attire?

    I looking for an authentic, yet economic place to order a colonial outfit. Has anyone found a reliable dealer?


    EDIT: The price range I'm looking for would be less than $200 for everything.
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    Define "economic," because unless if you are getting cheap stuff that uses modern synthetics for tourists, you aren't going to get that for cheap. The local costume shop should have everything you need, with the possible exception of a powdered wig. It won't be very cheap, though.
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    If you researched it, you could probably make your own for less. Thats what the hollywood studios do.
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    for under 200 I would guess you would have to go with halloween type quality.

    reenacter type I would imagine would be more.

    search for something like colonial reenacting or something along those lines.

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    Just a little FYI, If you're gonna wear it this summer, stick to cotton. Colonists wore just lightweight basics in hot weather. The other layered stuff would give you heat stroke.

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