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Thread: Not hard to find a job?

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    Question Not hard to find a job?

    Maybe it is just the area I live in (San Diego), but I have been offered 2 jobs, 1 full time, 1 part time at an electronics store and a networking position without even trying... Just casual conversations with managers lead to these offers... Seems odd considering how much crying there is about how no one can find ANY jobs...

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    Everyone is unique. I would not have been offered either of these jobs based on my knowledge and experience. The vast majority of today's unemployed are not having an easy time of finding employment in their areas of expertise.

    On a different note, the vast majority of unemployed would have little trouble finding a job that was menial and/or very low paying.

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    I think a lot of people have too high of expectations. They get laid off at premier firms, software giants , banking establishments and, generalized, they expect to get the same cushy job they had before. Some people want to work at a huge company where pensions are guaranteed, the money rolls in easy and there is plenty of corporate ladder to climb.

    But, I see out there tons of small companies that are expanding. Sure it's a risk in this economy to join a small company only to see 90% of them fail within 5 years, but it's work! I can understand people want to be able to hold onto their huge 5-bedroom houses and nice cars. Nobody wants to be foreclosed on. It's tough. But, it's time to downsize. Get a nice apartment or a smaller house, save money, buy gold and silver. It's time.

    There are plenty of jobs out there if people only lowered their standards some. I'm quite happy making $12/hr. It's not a livable wage, but for now I can do.
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