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Thread: Obama's MOTHER worked for Geithner's FATHER in Indonisia...Oh What a Tangled Web...

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    Obama's MOTHER worked for Geithner's FATHER in Indonisia...Oh What a Tangled Web...

    Obama's mother, Stanley A. Dunham, worked for Tim Giether's Father Peter Geither at the Ford Foundation.

    Ford Foundation is partnered with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.Posted by Michael Brennan on May 3, 2009 at 6:36pm in Uncategorized
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    Obama's mother, Stanley A. Dunham, worked for Tim Giether's Father Peter Geither at the Ford Foundation. Ford Foundation is partnered with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
    by DefendUSx March 21, 2009 16:32
    Peter F. Geithner, Treasury Secretary Geithner's father, worked for the Ford Foundation.

    No surprise here though, really. Obama and family are highly connected to the East Coast banking crime syndicate (Rockefellers, Soros, Ford Foundation etc.). In other words, Obama and family are highly connected to (Council on Foreign Relations) CFR banking family members, or better known as the Federal Reserve conglomerate.

    The fairy-tale story that Obama delivered during the Democratic National Convention (the one with the Greek columns and the fireworks) about his mother living on food stamps was most probably just another little white lie that he told to the American people. Why? Stanley Ann Dunham was professionally connected to Tim Geithner's father, Peter. Please read this excerpt from the Economic Policy Journal:

    "Who is Timothy Geithner?

    Morgan Reynolds, who served as chief economist for the US Department of Labor during 2001Ė2, George W. Bush's first term, has done a little fact checking on the new Treasury Secretary:

    Who is Geithner? He is a creature of the eastern banking establishment and ruling class through and through. His rťsumť nicely matches his actions in handing out government money and guarantees to the "right people." Geithnerís father Peter is director of the Asia program at the Ford Foundation, a New World Order operation. Peter Geithner oversaw the "microfinance" programs developed in Indonesia by Ann Dunham-Soetoro, Barack Obamaís mother. Geithnerís maternal grandfather, Charles F. Moore, was an adviser to President Eisenhower and vice president of Ford Motor Company, according to Wikipedia. Geithnerís wife Carole Marie, like Geithner a 1983 graduate of Dartmouth College (Ivy League), is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sonnenfeld of Princeton, N.J., a professor of French and comparative literature at Princeton University (Ivy League) for 27 years."

    Thus, Obama and Tim Geithner most probably were childhood friends. Remember Tony Rezko? Obama used Rezko to launder about $100 million of taxpayer dollars while Obama was still a State Senator. Geithner is Obama's right hand in accessing the Tony Rezkos (people like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates) of the national level for Obama and the Democrats while he's President. That's why that with all this trouble about AIG, Obama is still not going to get rid of Geithner. Geithner is a valuable tool for them to rob this country through its national policies.

    Peter Geithner (Tim's Father) was director of the Asia program at the Ford Foundation, a New World Order (NWO) operation. Peter Geithner oversaw the "microfinance" programs developed in Indonesia by Ann Dunham-Soetoro, Barack Obamaís mother.

    Note: As many of you may already know, the Clintons also have strong ties to the Indonesia Microfinance program. They have been to Indonesia several times to "take care of their business". It is the hub of the New World Order micro-finance scheme. The same scheme that was adopted by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to trigger the collapse of the housing market. It was first instantiated by Carter (a NWO puppet), and then made increasingly effective by Clinton (another NWO puppet) by removing almost all restrictions. The Ford Foundation are partners with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

    Did you know that when Son of Stanley was going to school in Los Angeles, he went with a Pakistani friend to visit his mother in Indonesia, who was working for Peter Geithner at that time. After this, he spent a couple weeks in Pakistan, before he abruptly transferred to Columbia in New York where Peter Geithner was headquartered

    A little more about Peter Geithner and his ties to known NWO operations:
    Peter F. Geithner is an advisor to the Asia Center at Harvard University and a consultant to the Asia Pacific Philanthropy Consortium, Rockefeller Foundation, Sasakawa Peace Foundation, and other organizations. He serves on the boards of the National Committee on United States-China Relations, the China Center for Economic Research (Peking University), the Center for the Advanced Study of India (University of Pennsylvania), Clemente (Holdings) Asia, Inc., and the Institute of Current World Affairs.

    Peter Geithner's obviously rather unconventional style, gives him a lot in common with Stanley Ann, considered to be a pioneer in the field of anthropological microfinance for underprivileged Asian women. Though from far different backgrounds, both parents afforded their sons with globe-trotting, exotic childhoods, culminating in Peterís Son playing Robin to Stanley Annís OBatMan.

    Small world, huh?

    According to The Atlantic, young Timmy Giethner's experiences at Dear Old Dadís knee in Asia, even in China during the Tiananmen Square uprising, greatly influenced his life choices:

    "First, his Asia background. Geithnerís father, Peter Geithner, was a development specialist who opened the Ford Foundationís China office - the first foreign NGO here, under a special agreement that continues to this day. That was just before Tiananmen Square, and the father was part of the Foundationís difficult but, ultimately, undoubtedly correct decision to remain engaged. Tim apparently also studied Chinese, was posted in Tokyo for Treasury, and focused on Asia studies as undergraduate and graduate student. This is all great background for Treasuryís international dealings in the coming years."

    Now you can see why China is lending us all this money for Socialist/Marxist agendas? China knows that if the US is to become Socialist/Marxist, our country will no longer lead the world in innovation and technology. China has their own plans for world "hemogany". In fact, Chinese leaders know that Communism doesn't work, and this is why they have adopted a simulation model of Western government through their "Strategic Moderization Objective".

    There is also a solid link between the Islamic Banking Cooperative, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, The Ford Foundation, Devron Bank of Chicago and the Bank of Indonesia (Stanley A. Dunham was a research coordinator at this bank and a program officer for the Ford Foundation).

    Devron began selling Islamic home refinancing products for Muslims to Freddie Mac (see below).
    CHICAGOLAND, ILLINOIS Ė Devon Bank today announced it would begin selling its Islamic home financing products to Freddie Mac, effectively expanding opportunities for Muslims living in Illinois and nine other states to become homeowners while observing traditional Islamic restrictions on paying interest on mortgages and other types of debt. Based in McLean, Va., Freddie Mac is one of the nation's largest investors in mortgages and Islamic home financing products. Share

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    Oh what a huge surprise.

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