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Thread: Thanx, AZ LP!

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    Thumbs up Thanx, AZ LP!

    I got a new info packet in the mail from the AZ LP, "A New Vision For America". Thanks a bunch to those who are involved. There's some great info in there. There's a few things in there I don't agree with(such as "Make polluters pay for their crimes"-which should be a free market function-and a few other points of contention.), but I'll live with it (for now).
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    The government is incapable of doing what it's supposed to do. A job like the provision of security is something best left to private institutions.
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    Govt hates you . You are only someone to toil and serve them as they take what you earn and squander it on shit you would not.
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    This whole board is a thoughtcrime in progress.

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    AZ is Ernie Hancock's neck of the woods. I just had the chance to hang out with Ernie a bit this past weekend at the LPTN convention.

    It's no wonder the LPAZ does a good job, though. Ernie's a hardcore activist. I remember meeting JoshLowry at Ernie's place in NH... gosh, over a year ago now, hahah!
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    Pardon my ignorance. What's an MDH?

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