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Thread: Barr Blasts Senate for Refusing to Restore Habeas Corpus

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    Barr Blasts Senate for Refusing to Restore Habeas Corpus

    Former Congressman Barr Blasts Senate For Refusing To Restore Habeas Corpus
    Calls on Leadership to Continue Efforts to Restore Constitutional Right

    Wednesday, September 19, 2007 at 3:30 PM

    Atlanta, GA – Former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr today issued a statement blasting Republicans in the Senate for refusing to consider a measure restoring the right of habeas corpus to those persons detained by the U.S. government who have been labeled “enemy combatants” by the President. Barr said, “The vote in the Senate today derailing an effort to restore the right of habeas corpus makes clear that a near-majority of Senators, primarily Republicans, either do not understand the principle of habeas corpus, or still are gripped by the irrational fear that pervades our country since 9-11.”

    The former Congressman continued, “The Senate is on record once again supporting the unbridled power of a President to declare any individual he wants as an ‘enemy combatant’ and then detain that person indefinitely without even being able to go before a judge to have the government show it has at least some rational basis to hold the person in prison.”

    Barr labeled this “abdication” of power to a President by the Congress “unfortunate” and “extremely dangerous.” He said it was “a move the Republicans in the Senate would come to regret, if for no other reason than because future presidents, including those of the Democratic Party who the Republicans would not likely support, would be able to exercise this same awesome power.”

    Barr chided those Republican Senators who spoke against the habeas restoration legislation based on the argument it would allow alleged terrorists to flood our courts with lawsuits. Barr, a former federal prosecutor, noted that “habeas corpus proceedings are not trials on the merits, but are simply basic, non-jury proceedings in which a federal judge reviews basic evidence presented by the government showing it has a valid reason to detain a person.” For Republican lawmakers to turn their back on such a time-honored and fundamentally American concept as habeas corpus, indicated, Barr said, “just how far our nation has traveled since 9-11 from ensuring that our civil liberties remain protected by our Constitution.”

    Mr. Barr noted also, “This sense of fear also appears to be the basis for voting -- as the Congress did just last month -- to give the Administration the power surreptitiously surveil virtually any international phone call or e-mail by American citizens to anybody in a foreign country.”

    For further information please visit or contact Derek Barr at 770-836-1776.

    Barr, a former Member of Congress (1995-2003), also served previously as a US Attorney and with the Central Intelligence Agency. He is a lawyer and currently works with national organizations on issues related to privacy and national security.

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    the supreme court recently ruled on this concerning "gitmo" and our intelligence/military establishment. we tend to
    forget that bob bar can find an issue and rise to the occasion, despite the stunt where he gave a ten minute notice
    for a press conference he was going to be at. --- is this bob barr
    not expecting the palin bounce or even a hypothetical run by both ms. hillary and ms. sarah come 2012? hense the confusion?
    is bob barr really thrown off his stride by mccain's seeming Au~H20 maverick move more than chuck baldwin or ralph nader?
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    a while ago i took a pledge where i said i would not really slam bob barr or chuck baldwin.
    admittedly i have been harsh about what i thought to be bob barr's egotistical antics to
    the degree where i said i would not slam him here on these forums and forgot myself. when we
    all agreed to this truce, we assumed this was for the good of the rEVOLUTIOn, and the ron paul candidates
    out there. given that i too have made my wry comments at bob barr's expense, i am now going
    to bump three threads where i know that bob barr has taken a stance i can honestly respect...

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    While I'm still pissed at Barr over insulting RP with the vp slot thing, I'm glad he did this.

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    Sounds like Barr has seriously bitten the hand that feeds him. He could have had many supporters among RP's Campaign for Liberty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flpr86 View Post
    Sounds like Barr has seriously bitten the hand that feeds him. He could have had many supporters among RP's Campaign for Liberty.
    Yup. And for a while I was really ready to get over his past voting record because we all make mistakes, but he is making too many blunders. However, on this issue, good for him. He has a loonnnggg way to go though to fix the damage he has done though.

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