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Thread: Just wondering who's going to be there!

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    Default Just wondering who's going to be there!

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    I'll be attending the Charleston event which Sen. DeMint will be one of the speakers. What speakers are slated for Columbia?
    Reality is independent of Popularity.

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    Hold up a nice bipartisan sign:

    Bush + Obama
    = Fascism

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeNNiF00F00 View Post
    I am disgusted to say that Huckabee will be there. WTF?

    Yeah, Huckster is probably speaking bc. there's also a Fair Tax rally the same day in Columbia @ Township Auditorium
    Reality is independent of Popularity.

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    oh yeah, Huck is for the fair tax. Use this sign then:

    The only "Fair Tax"
    is NO TAX AT ALL

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    tarred and feathered effigys of your least favorite politician, congressman.
    It would be nice to burn them in the streets wouldn't it but that woudn't be nice so I won't suggest it. Tie a rope to them and drag them behind you at times and at others hold them in the air as if you are hanging them.

    Also buckets of tar and bags of feathers and of course your normal pitchforks and torches or something that will look like the real things.

    Half-way half-hearted effort will produce the same results.

    Find that SONS OF LIBERTY spirit and apply liberally or to ......

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