Here's my wishlist:

People to video the event and send copies to me afterwards.

Sign wavers to stand at key corners in Montpelier prior to the tea party.

3 wooden crates or cardboard boxes altered to look like crates to collect tea bags.

A fife and drum corps or similar musical entertainment.

Flags-- American, Green Mountain Boys, Gadsden, etc and people to carry them.

Someone or a group of people to lead the National Anthem.

Lyric lists for appropriate protest songs that we can sing as a group.

Chant ideas for the rally.

Volunteers for clean up after the rally.

Volunteers to deliver the tea crates to Leahy, Welch and Sanders' offices.

People to post fliers on bulletin boards statewide advertising the event (I'm working on having one that will be attached to an email that folks can just print out from home).

Anything else you can think of.