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Thread: The fight to take back NYU, occupation at New York University--the latest flashpoint

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    Lightbulb The fight to take back NYU, occupation at New York University--the latest flashpoint

    The fight to take back NYU

    Jonah Birch reports from the occupation at New York University--the latest flashpoint in a growing protest movement on U.S. campuses.

    February 20, 2009

    Outside the Take Back NYU! student occupation at New York University (Brian Jones | SW)

    DOZENS OF New York University (NYU) students occupied a cafeteria on the third floor of the school's student center, known as the Kimmel Center, in an effort to force the administration to agree to a wide-ranging list of reforms.

    As an administration deadline to vacate the building approached on Thursday night, there were as many as 50 people inside the occupation.

    Outside, a crowd of supporters who rallied in the cold all day swelled to some 500 people. Around midnight, the demonstrators took over the street in front of the Kimmel Center, chanting and singing. Police reacted by attacking the protesters, using pepper spray and batons.
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    "All eyes are opened, or opening to the rights of man, let the annual return of this day(July 4th), forever refresh our recollections of these rights, and an undiminished devotion to them."
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    NYU is the only place in the US where you can get a PhD in Austrian economics.

    The police state actually did the right thing is this case. I know I will one day probably be beaten by police too, but I have to say. Beat those $#@!ing commies!

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    socialism! wooo!
    "You know not what you are given, but forever will you know what has been taken away from you..."

    "As long as we live beyond our means we are destined to live beneath our means." - Ron Paul at a CNBC Debate in Michigan (10/09/07)

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