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Thread: So, who is Peter Orszag? (Beware: Prepare for a train wreck.)

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    So, who is Peter Orszag? (Beware: Prepare for a train wreck.)

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    We're screwed. Time to start building sustainable bunkers...

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    "Michael Jordan would be an ideal Secretary of State"

    I LOL'd.
    "Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it." - Henry David Thoreau

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    Peter R. Orszag - Deparment of COOKING the US financial BOOKS" of America

    This is from Sept 2008 RPF post:

    $5.5 trillion dollars of formerly privately held mortgage backed securities are now, in effect, Treasury bonds. In addition, over the next year or two, my guess is that several trillion dollars of existing mortgages, not currently insured by Freddie or Fannie, will be transferred to the pile. Going forward the vast majority of new mortgages made to Americans will be bought by Fannie or Freddie, and will also become the equivalent of U.S. Treasury bonds. Therefore in a few short years there will be in excess of $10 trillion of new obligations for the U.S. Treasury.

    Peter Schiff
    President and Chief Global Strategist
    Euro Pacific Capital

    I need to point out what I call "The POLITICAL PRISON BITCH" of this US Financial government REGIME, CBO director, his name: Peter R. Orszag

    Here's the guy that "COOKS THE BOOKS" here's the Inner Circle POS that works with Helicopter Bernake and Hank Paulson to form the 3 FINANCIAL STOOGES of America.

    It appears these 3 collude to reveal the REAL numbers and disastrous financial conditions across America. The current rate of spending has us at an annual rate deficit of $676 BILLION, NOT including the BAILOUTS on WALL ST / Banks and discretionary spending increases.

    Even before the projected STIMULUS PACKAGE, the budget deficit for 2008 was at $425 BILLION. The ways to confirm this is to revenue the amount of Money and supply in America by the TREASURY.

    Though the CBO has revised the Short term national deficit DOWNWARD multiple times in the Passed 2 years, though, spending and printing of Money have soared! This is a direct conflict in numbers, so who's lying?

    Peter R. Orszag is the LIAR this round. then again, he is doing what he is being told, all for National Security and the Regime controlling this country.

    Besides the government borrowing from Social Security and FICA funds, to offset even higher short term debt, just look at the National Debt for these past 8 years.

    $5 TRILLION in NEW DEBT divided by 8 years = $625 BILLION in new short term debt EACH year for the PAST 8 years

    Once again, we're scammed and this Peter R. Orszag would be Kieth "the Liberal Freak" Olberman's Worst Financial Person of the DECADE.

    Sheesh Peter R. Orszag, with a $200+K earnings, you think you could afford a decent hair piece? That "RUG" looks hideous!
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