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Thread: 401K Discussion Thread.

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    Default 401K Discussion Thread.

    So how many are still dumping money in their 401k?

    I have been thinking to stop throwing my money at it or change how i invest it?

    So i was thinking to start a thread to talk about what people are doing these days with their 401k plans.

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    depends on the amount of corporate matching you receive. As long as your money put it is being matched at a high %, I'd think putting into the 401K is still a wise investment. Nowhere can you put in a dollar and immediately have it turn into $1.50 or higher.

    Contributing any amount above what is matched doesn't make sense right now.

    Of course, the matching dollars must be large enough to give you a net gain based on your investment decisions.

    as far as investment choices, bonds are a safe place, one of the only safe places. There are probably others as well depending on your plan choices.
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    I am in my 401k up to the matching amount. Unfortunately there are not any great options for me to park this investment so I picked the one which looks safest. My 401k is a small part of my overall investment strategy so I am not too worried.
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    I am not contributing to mine currently, though I may start again soon. I converted what I had to the cd and bond options months ago to hold value, and as soon as I think either the market has dropped all it's going to or the fate of the dollar is sealed and imminent, I will move it back to stocks.
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    I'm still putting money in it. I have always believed that it would be a good thing for the markets to crash while I'm young, so that I would accumulate more shares through regular contributions. I just don't want the management expenses to eat up the returns.

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