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Thread: Heres my idea for the people to retake control

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    Heres my idea for the people to retake control

    Heres my idea for the people to retake control of our congress and our government.

    I know I said I wouldn't come back but I was in a bad mood and am now starting this nationwide democratic movement which is right up Ron Pauls alley.

    I have a community coalition that once I get millions onto my online direct democratic style community people with any religion, any color of skin, any gender, and anybody with a different view can start publishing it without bias, without fear of usual moderator censorship like on most public forums including phpbb forum, christianforums, gaiaonline, and other forums that have had censorship allegations.

    This community is an attempt to unify everybody and the popular votes will be sent to politicians at their votes at their choice and will force our politicians to do what we-the-people say, or else our coalition will threaten impeachment and pressure our police to arrest any politicians and put them on impeachment trials that don't follow what the people say.

    I know many thinks it might not work but it's better then us buying a bunch of guns and fight violent revolutions.

    My idea is the last chance we have to take back our government, to take back our congress without violence, and avoid the NWO.

    If you want to know the link of this We-The-People unify coalition then I first need to know If I am allowed to post links to taking back our congress coalition.
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    I'm already asking Ron Paul if this movement will work since there's no violence and everything is about making our politicians under possible-impeachment to get them to pass laws the way we want them or repeal laws the way we want it.

    I really want to create a change legally and peacefully without getting tear gassed.

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