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Thread: Confession of a crooked, and I mean crooked, mortgage broker

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    Confession of a crooked, and I mean crooked, mortgage broker

    One guy responsible for about one billion dollars in toxic mortgages.

    "I built a company modeled after the movie boiler room"

    "As a 19 then 20 year old boy, my managers and handlers taught me the ins and outs of mortgage fraud, drugs, sex, and money, money, and more money."

    "At any given moment inside the restrooms - cocaine and meth was being snorted by my estimates more than a third of the staff, and more than half the staff
    manipulating documents to get loans to fund and more then 75% just completely made false statements on 1003s regarding stated income etc to get loans funded. "

    Link to the original letter.

    "I was the number one producer in the region over 60% of the time I was there, the company sent me to management training in Orange CA twice, trips to the Super bowl twice, Hawaii and Las Vegas based on my large production statistics and paychecks. Most months I would individually sell more then $5,000,000 in volume and bring in over $30,000 in net income……"
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