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Thread: Survival Seed Bank..check it out!

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    is that a reliable source?
    im a noob when it commeth to seeds. is that expensive?

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    thanks for this tones, been looking for something similar for a while.
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    Thanks Tones! My father and I were just discussing our gardens this weekend and where we were going to get our seeds from since our usual seed store just closed down.
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    Check out

    They offer both hybrid and heirloom seed packs.

    A good vegetable pack enough to plant 2500 sq ft is $30. (link to the heirloom veggie pack)

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    A nice thread on heirloom seeds:
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    I like it that those seeds are packaged so they can be buried and last for many many years. tones (If they are just in bags..they are only good for about a year)

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    We're working on an open source seed bank like this at Factor e Farm, along with much more. Check out the latest Distillations episode at the blog.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tonesforjonesbones View Post
    That's cool. I thought the subject was going to be about the huge doomsday seed vault Rockefeller and Bill Gates funded up in Svalbard. Give that a google if you like.

    I'm hoping to get into gardening myself. I'd like to get to a point where I not only stock up (I want to learn how to preserve) on foods for me and my family but also be able to turn a profit.

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