By James Duncan - Second Vermont Republic

James Duncan
On a crisp day last Fall I had the pleasure of standing on a little known spot of Vermont history. What is today called Hagar Brook was in 1785 known as Millbrook stream. This was the site where Reuben Harmon, Jr. of Rupert minted the first coins of the Vermont Republic in an endeavor that was to continue for the next ten years. Rumor has it that the original building he used still exists as one of the farms outbuildings. For the curious, a plaque marks the spot on Rt. 30. The legend on the coins read “Vermont Auctori”. Latin for “by authority of Vermont”. Perhaps it is time that Vermonters once again exert their authority to produce a sound medium of exchange.

Vermonters and all Americans have been victimized by one of the most sophisticated counterfeiting scams in all of history. The Federal Reserve System; a system that is not “Federal” nor does it have any “Reserves”. In simple terms, it works like this. The ‘spend what you don’t have’ politicians in the swamp on the Potomac decide to spend some money. They call up the banksters at the Fed and tell them to print up X amount of dollars. The banksters gladly do so. Printing it up out of thin air with nothing more than paper and ink; they then present it to the government and charge interest on it. So from the moment it’s printed, inflation has occurred because now it takes more money than was made to repay the debt. With every dollar they print, the dollar in your pocket or savings account declines in value. The government robs you through the IRS by taxation. The banksters rob you with a printing press through inflation.

Why do you think the country was taken off the gold standard? Because, it’s not so easy to rob people when they hold a medium of real value in their hands. Consider this. In 1964, a silver quarter would buy you a gallon of gasoline. Today, that same silver quarter will buy you a gallon of gasoline and leave you with some spare change to boot. In terms of the worthless coinage made thereafter, it will take eight of the new quarters to buy that gallon of gas. What happened? Gold and silver rise in value and are a hedge against inflation. A corrupt politician can’t spend money like a drunk sailor when he is constrained by a gold standard. A bankster can’t loot the land when the wealth lies in the hands of the people. The dictionary defines a slave as one who does not enjoy the fruits of his labor. Have you enjoyed yours? Or has most of it been stolen from you. One of the greatest tricks the Empire has pulled on us has been making us believe we are free. Try not paying your taxes and they will collect it from you through violence. For isn’t that what thugs with guns and prisons are all about? Resistance to the current power configuration is not optional. It is a moral imperative – a matter of personal hygiene.

The Empire is in its death throes. Built on avarice and greed, it has all but eaten itself. How do we protect ourselves as it thrashes around and strikes out? Secession is of course the ultimate answer. We have nothing in common with the gang bangers in L.A., the crack dealers in Detroit, the stock swindlers in N.Y. Why should we be forced to associate with them any longer? Why should the sweat of our brows be used to spread murder abroad and tyranny at home? Enough is enough. Many of you had hope in Obama’s message of change. The appointment of his cabinet should have dispelled any such illusions by now. The only change you will get is more of the same. I fear that Obama will make us all billionaires; in the Zimbabwean sense of the term. Today it takes fifty billion Zimbabwean dollars to buy a loaf of bread.

So how do we move forward? I propose that we commission the minting of SVR coinage to be used as a medium of exchange or barter between willing parties. This presents us with a plethora of benefits. Silver coinage will allow us not the banksters to hold the real wealth. Ask yourself this question. Would you rather have a piece of soon to be rough toilet paper in your pocket or a silver coin that appreciates in value as the current currency declines? The use of this device will enable us to keep wealth in our own families and in our own communities. In a sense, we can cut out the middlemen. Instead of enriching the international bankers, the small seignorage can benefit the SVR movement. More importantly, the message of freedom from tyranny and Empire is spread from hand to hand as the device passes in commerce. Imagine the legend “Secession is the answer to tyranny” spread across the top for all to see. And the thought provoking, “Why be a slave when you can be free” across the bottom. This would be the first secession coinage since 1860. Demand among collectors will be intense. Supporters can give them as gifts in lieu of purchasing junk made abroad. Again, wealth stays home and builds the community.

Building our own economy will also lend legitimacy and respect to the movement; a sort of coming of age. And it’s something we have to do. If we seriously hope to lead in the future, we must set up a parallel system now so that when the final cataclysmic blow topples the current order, we stand there ready with an alternative. Our alternative, not one dictated by the expediency of the moment. What better way to honor our forefathers than by restoring the Republic for which they sacrificed so much and which we lost through comfort and laziness. And it can all start with a little silver coin. Remember, legend has it that silver can slay a vampire. Imagine what it can do to the banksters.

Sic Semper Tyrannis
James Duncan