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Thread: For The Conspiracy Theorists Out There...

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    For The Conspiracy Theorists Out There...

    A lot of you have probably heard about the pre-9/11 movies and TV shows where the number 9/11 comes up. These include Enemy of the State, Independence Day, The Matrix, an episode of the Simpsons, etc. A few are shown here:

    Anyone happen to notice a new set of numbers showing up in any of the latest blockbuster movies??? (I'm not noticing any, but I'm asking)

    Or is this all just all a coincidence being pushed by crazy conspiracy theorists?

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    The psyop term is called predictive programming.

    Here is a good book; it's very interesting and is a literal one-pickup-read (the citations alone are worth the price of the book). After reading, you may never look at the movies in the same light again.

    "Masterful and arrogant wealth, created largely by Government protection of its profits, not content with its domination and influence within a single party, had sought to corrupt them both, and to that end had insinuated itself into the primaries, in order that no candidates might be nominated whose views were not in accord with theirs." (‘Colonel’ Edward Mandell House in 'Philip Dru: Administrator', circa 1912)

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