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Thread: Post your map of America in 2020! (or just comment on these)

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    Post your map of America in 2020! (or just comment on these)

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    By the way, on mine, the Confederation of Independent States seceded from the UN. (that's why those particular states are together)

    and yes part of Louisiana is in the ocean =(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hamadeh View Post
    The Hamadeh administration cares for the people of New Orleans, and let me tell the world this, New Orleans will not fall to the depths of the ocean under my watch!

    well your second map isnt 2020!

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    Not mine; just got it from the Nine Nations of NA.

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    __________________________________________________ _________________

    Alaska will unify with Western Canada shortly after the fall of the Canadian government. Russia will invade and take over Alaska's holdings. Quebec will expand to take over much of Canada. Michigan will be among the first states to rebel, enraged by the final implosion of the American Auto Industry, and ally with many cities near the Great Lakes, including Chicago, Cleavland, Milwaukee, and some Canadian cities such as Toronto and Ottawa. New Hampshire will then become an independent nation, cutting off Maine from the United States. The US further disintegrates when Texas, California, and Montana declare their independence and expand. Texas declares war on Mexico and expands southward. The Mexicans are squeezed into oblivion from the south by Venezuela, who also conquer the Caribbean.

    And for some reason I see some form of the United States surviving at least until 2020, but much beyond that who knows.
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    Quote Originally Posted by t0rnado View Post

    Not mine; just got it from the Nine Nations of NA.
    That's pretty close to what I would want to see, the three northern NE states broken away and part of the Canadian Maritimes (those having already seceded from Canada).

    We got oil, gas and ports FTW.
    We must picture Hell as a state where everyone is perpetually concerned about his own dignity and advancement, where everyone has a grievance, and where everyone lives the deadly serious passions of envy, self-importance, and resentment. - C. S. Lewis

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    Thomas Chittum predicts racial Balkanization...

    "A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government." George Washington

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    we colorado citizens demand to join the lakotah nation or we just stay colorado and stay single
    2016 gop est business as usual, rules do not apply.

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    I doubt there will be any change, but I like "Ecotopia." That's so true. West coasters are crazy environmentalists. :P

    Perhaps Lakota will show up on the map as a territory, but I severely doubt that.
    Strength through Knowledge

    "What's one more body in the foundations of your Utopia?"
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    Quote Originally Posted by UnReconstructed View Post
    lol... that is already true.
    For the Republic! For the Cause!
    The Truth About Central Banking and Business Cycles

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    If SHTF then the map of 2020 will be totally different from the map of 2018 and also totally different from the map of 2022. It'll be a long time before things stabilize.

    NC wouldn't be in the same "country" as SC, and Eastern NC probably wouldn't be in the same country as Western NC (much like Southern California wouldn't go with Northern California, Southern Florida wouldn't go with Northern Florida).

    We're more likely to see 75 small countries all using the same currency much like the EU. We'll lose the big government but TPTB will still have control via the currency.

    Personally I'm hoping the map remains the same but the federal government loses some power over the states. We can hope.
    NC doesn't need ThomTillis as the Republican nominee for US Senate.

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    very interesting

    Quote Originally Posted by stormcommander View Post
    Very interesting

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmericasLastHope View Post
    Thomas Chittum predicts racial Balkanization...
    Because white supremacist mercenaries are always good people to listen to...

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    Personally Sovereign Since November 4th, 2008

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    Quote Originally Posted by BuddyRey View Post
    "The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter." -- Winston Churchill

    Damn proud Classical Liberal/Minarchist!

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    what do you use to build the overlays

    Quote Originally Posted by stormcommander View Post
    what are you using to build the overlays

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    This thread is scaring me.

    Something to think about on poo-year.

    I tried making a map. But im an MSpaint failure.

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    haha, well whatever happens I want to either go to Texas or the Mid-West.

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    It might need some explanation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stormcommander View Post
    Damn Straight. The Anti-Social Republic of North Eastern Pennsylvania headed by me and GML

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    We are joking about the fall of the Rome of our era. Have you ever studied how many of mankind's advancements of ancient times had to be reinvented and/or rediscovered during and since the Renaissance? Consider this map for a moment:

    We think we're so good and we're so brilliant that we can keep it all from falling apart. But are we good enough leaders to prevent the destruction of what good things remain? Or do we go back to maps that show where the sea serpents are?
    Quote Originally Posted by dannno View Post
    Lol, wow, Anthony Weiner, too?

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    I'm not in the mood to Photoshop a crater.

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