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Thread: Clintons Release Donor List

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    Clintons Release Donor List

    The site is swamped right now.

    This is the list they agreed to release in exchange for Hillary's SOS position.

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    Given that it's from the Clintons, how many blatant and outright LIES, OMISSIONS, FAKERY, DISTORTIONS, DELETIONS, etc. do you figure are represented on that list?
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    Not a complete list at all, but some notables:

    Greater than 25 million


    The Children's Investment Fund Foundation

    10 million - 25 million

    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

    COPRESIDA-Secretariado Tecnico

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    5 million - 10 million

    Government of Norway

    Nationale Postcode Loterij

    Michael Schumacher

    The Wasserman Foundation

    1 million - 5 million

    Alltel Corporation

    Citi Foundation

    Dubai Foundation

    Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative- Canada


    Friends of Saudi Arabia

    Open Society Institute

    Presidential Inaugural Committee

    Princess Diana Memorial Fund

    State of Kuwait

    State of Qatar

    Taiwan Economic and Cultural office

    The Government of Brunei Darussalam

    The Rockefeller Foundation

    The Sultanate of Oman

    The Wal-Mart Foundation
    Maxed out to ALL of Ron Paul's campaigns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by timosman View Post
    In $5-25 million range, quick scan shows . . .

    Government of the Netherlands

    State of Kuwait

    Commonwealth of Australia

    Kingdom of Norway [Government of Norway]

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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    Walmart, lolz, oh the company you keep. Only things missing are Obama, N. Korea, and the bin Laden Foundation.


    Oh almost forgot about Planet Ping Pong, almost.
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    Quote Originally Posted by timosman View Post
    Further proof Trump was wrong about them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Swordsmyth View Post
    Further proof Trump was wrong about them.
    Or maybe they cooperate now in the investigation.

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    Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich
    Peter Schweizer broke the Uranium One scandal in his book.

    Associate in Hillary Clinton Uranium One Russian Bribery Case Indicted

    An 11-count indictment has been handed down from a grand jury investigating possible Russian bribery involving former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Uranium One deal negotiated when she was part of the Obama administration, a report says.

    The charges come on the heels of an eight-year investigation into the sale of Uranium One to the Russian company. The sale was completed in 2013.

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