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Thread: spike in gold price this am?

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    spike in gold price this am?

    what's the cause of the $27 spike up (as of now)?

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    Heading back down, my guess is the "surge protection team" either is selling tons of gold or printing paper gold.

    edit: never mind stopped dropping, holding at +25
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    Dollar is down about 1% this morning, i'd say thats the biggest factor.

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    it's just moving inversely with the usdx

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbc58 View Post
    what's the cause of the $27 spike up (as of now)?
    there's no way to know. Too many variables.
    you can buy now using an elevated dollar to get in on things that are poised to go way up when the dollar collapses. If he's right, and I think he is, his profits are going to be ridiculous. I've already showed by referencing some mining stocks that you can make a killing in this market playing Schiff's investment strategy.

    -theoakman, RPF 1/26/09.

    Oh what a difference 10 months makes. Deflationists, where are thou?

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    cuurently up over $38. we're only 15 minutes away from the daily 11 am dump, though.

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    wow! around 530GBP and 625Euros

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    Lookin good. A clear breakout and close above 1 for GLD:SPY would be a great sign IMO.

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    currently soaring, at 44 up
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    Gold is up $788 right now with silver at $9.57 at apmex
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    Time to buy massively?

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    wow my gold mining stock is up almost 25%!!

    Got gold??
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    We are already in recession

    No Deflation coming?
    We are headed for depression?

    Perhaps the time has arrived, where true money will emerge.

    Alot of us have been saying for quite sometime in this forum

    Throughout history, Gold and silver, especially gold, rule the roost in times of economic hardship.

    We shall see. This is most interesting today.
    "Poverty of the state exchequer causes an army to be maintained by contributions from a distance. Contributing to maintain an army at a distance causes the people to be impoverished."
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    I still want to buy.....come
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    The US vs China and Russsia -

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    i wouldn't be surprised to see the markets down 300 today..

    i hope that this spike isn't going to keep the price up and that those predictions about contracts taking delivery come true... cause I didn't buy any yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XxNeXuSxX View Post
    Time to buy massively?
    It was time to buy massively a week ago. People should have been buying when the gold sector was so uninteresting, not when price action skyrockets 50 bucks in a day or something. But it probably not too late to buy. Last time gold when up to 900 after it was at 700. It could go to $950 again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by enter`name`here View Post
    wow my gold mining stock is up almost 25%!!

    Got gold??
    Mine too
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