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Thread: Post election analysis: Barr cost McCain two states

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    Default Post election analysis: Barr cost McCain two states

    Indiana and North Carolina.

    Just sos y'all knows...
    Why can't everybody else leave everybody else alone?

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    I heard Ron Paul cost him Montana too. That's 3....
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    Serves 'em right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bojo68 View Post
    I heard Ron Paul cost him Montana too. That's 3....
    I thought McCain won Montana, but looking at some stats, it looks like Obama may have won Montana.

    Anyone have a legit link?

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    Quote Originally Posted by amy31416 View Post
    I thought McCain won Montana, but looking at some stats, it looks like Obama may have won Montana.

    Anyone have a legit link?
    This site shows McCain winning.
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    Barr didn't cost McCain those states. McCain cost himself those states.

    McCain ended up winning Montana. Before all the precincts were in Obama was leading by less than Paul's total.

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    Quote Originally Posted by klamath View Post
    Thanks. I knew it was allegedly pretty close, but couldn't find a good source.

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    Lightbulb Relevent pages

    Obama won NC 2,123,332 votes to McCain's 2,109,586 votes. That's a difference of 13,646 votes. Bob Barr received 25,418 thus within the margin potentially causing McCain to lose NC!


    According to CNN's page Obama won IN by 26,163 votes.

    According to the LP website Barr only got 19k votes in Indiana.
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    I live in NC. My household of three all voted for Barr!
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    obama's ohio totals place both mccain and barr as a lesser sum...?
    its actually indiana and north carolina who went almost as squeaker
    as is the race al franken is in now? still??? i knew Bob Barr had a pull!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bojo68 View Post
    I heard Ron Paul cost him Montana too. That's 3....
    Any state that mccain didn't win is always the fault of a 3rd party or SOMEONE who might have been someone around during the time this prick lost lol.

    mccain is a chump
    obama is a chump

    and we are the monkeys who actually got these two as our "options"
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    Quote Originally Posted by bojo68 View Post
    I heard Ron Paul cost him Montana too. That's 3....
    In this case, third parties cost Obama the state.

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    I didn't realize that.


    And Specfically:

    - Obama won Indiana by 28,391 votes.
    - Bob Barr of the Libertarian Party received 29,257 votes.

    That's a difference of 866 votes!!!

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    In NC, you wouldn't get your vote counted if you wrote-in RP in the general. He wasn't a registered write-in. I suspect that many people in the general election voted for 'none of the above' by defaulting to bob cia barr. I voted more for the libertarian party than for bob barr specifically. Hopefully it will make it easier for the libertarian party to get on the ballot the next time around.
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    Prediction. Unless the Repubs chose a true conservative, there will be five times that amount of people who will cost the repubs the 2012 election also. They might as well admit defeat right now if they try to shove another McCain down our throats.

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    Barr didn't cost anyone anything--except himself.

    McCain threw away more votes than Barr could cost him in a million years. And Barr himself has thrown away more votes than he ever stole...
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    Bob Barr did best in Indiana - 1.1%, according to this site:
    GA, Utah, and TX were tied at .7%

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    WOOT for North Carolina!

    in 2008, we may not have been able to give our electors to RP, but we could sure as hell take them away from the RINO! Message to GOP: Give us a RINO and lose the state.

    Hey, NC folks from RPF's -- where were you these last two years at the GOP Conventions??!!?? We really needed your votes. I can't tell you how many times we lost crucial elections within the party by just 1 or 2 votes....
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