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Thread: I feel CLEAN today.

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    I feel CLEAN today.

    I was able to cast my vote for Baldwin!

    PLUS... there were three local races I was able to vote for LIBERTARIANS (and thus against the incumbents!)

    The only Republican (and indeed the only incumbent) that I voted for ... is a man I know personally -- and who is a TRUE "conservative" and a budget cutting "predator" in my state assembly.

    In short, I voted ONLY for people whose beliefs match my own.

    So... once again, I feel CLEAN and will be able to sleep with a clear conscience.

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    I am 100% with you. Its amazing how great I felt leaving the polling place!

    RON PAUL 2012!!

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    I am with you guys, I also voted for Chuck Baldwin.

    Note: Can't do write-ins on the ballot they had otherwise I would have wrote in Ron Paul.

    I voted out every incumbent, and wherever it was possible I voted for the libertarian candidates.

    I also voted for Scotty Bowman (Libertarian for U.S. Senator) that worked hard to elect Ron Paul in the primaries. I hope he does well.

    Thank you to all of you fellow patriots for not voting for one of the evil bastards -- Congrats and may we soon turn this country back to the ideas of the founders!

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    I was PROUD to cast my vote for Chuck Baldwin. Felt almost as good as casting my first primary vote for Ron Paul.
    "Self-imposed limits on sovereign power can disarm mistrust, but provide no guarantee of liberty and property beyond those afforded by the balance between state and private force." - Anthony de Jasay


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    Yea I had to write in Baldwin but all's well. I voted for the GOP Representative just because I want the Dem. scum who voted for the bailout out of his chair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magsec View Post
    Yea I had to write in Baldwin but all's well. I voted for the GOP Representative just because I want the Dem. scum who voted for the bailout out of his chair.
    I thought I was going to have to hold my nose and vote for a Democrat in order to protest against my Ass-Clown Congressman about the Bailout... but then, low and behold, there was a Libertarian candidate on the ballot for that slot... YAY!

    (Btw there was no chance for the Dem to win in this district, plus the R outgunned him 10:1 moneywise; so "strategerically" it didn't matter -- but I'm hoping the Libertarian takes a few ounces of blood from him.)

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    That's nice. I feel like I'm living in Nazi Germany.
    I ignore the fact that RP's take back the GOP strategy is working. I ignore the fact that RP accomplished more from his 2008 GOP run than he ever has before. I ignore the fact that 3rd party candidates lose and are a joke to voters. I ignore all this b/c I have an arousing fantasy where RP runs 3rd party in 2012, magically polls at 15%, magically is allowed in the debates, and then magically wins the election. Trust me, it'll work this time.
    - The naive attitude of too many RPF members

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    The woman and I are both off to go vote for Baldwin as well.

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