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Thread: Economist Stiglitz Said Milton Friedman Discredited

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    Default Economist Stiglitz Said Milton Friedman Discredited

    I was listening to the Bob Brinker show and Nobel Prize winning economist Stiglitz said that the other nobel prize winning economist Milton Friedman is discredited.

    What are people's thoughts about that?

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    Well, Stiglitz is wrong.
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    Friedman beats the $#@! out of any mainstream Keynesian, but Rothbard did discredit his theory of money along with the Keynesian theory in his book, What Has government Done With Our Money?

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    well,Friedman,as Rothbard said, was the court libertarian (like the court jester)..the establishment's favorite libertarian.

    normally,one doesnt expect the govt to give any importance to libertarians who are anyway always riling against the govt. the fact that milton hobnobbed with the powers that be indicated his flaw.i dont agree with stiglitz one bit, but i think he is dead on when he says monetarism is discredited.but he forgets that keynesian economics too has been thrown into the dustbins of history long back.

    the only thing that remains to be tried in america are "real free markets" and communism. i think we'll see the latter before the former.

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    Stiglitz was the head of the World Bank; they're not going to let a good economist who knows what he's really talking about rise to that position. Stiglitz is definitely anti-free market, and...well, obviously shouldn't be trusted.

    Friedman made some REALLY good points and I'd rather listen to him any day than 98% of the economists out there....but, his monetary policies and theories are pretty unsound, surprisingly.

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    Friedman was too far up the establishment's butt for my taste. The Republicans just showboated him around to talk about capitalism.

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