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Thread: Defense against the Evil Eye! (and FRNs) - This is good :)

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    The evil eye, also known as the invidious eye or envious eye is classically thought to be associated with envy, jeleousy, and greed. In a similarly way, our fiat paper currency has an eye on it, and is colored green. If you believe that paper currency is worthless, and is used to defraud those who have something with something that is worthless, and that it is basically just sucking the lifeblood out of everyone who has anything, then that is the true definition of envy, and THE evil eye.

    Ironically, some arab cultures believe that an antichrist will arise with the one eye of evil. Ironic, because of the FRNs plastering the eye on their back.

    Here is the good part. I recently discovered

    The sure fire defense against the evil eye or invidious eye as found on the back of dollar bills, is the infamis digitus or digitus impudicus,
    also known as flipping someone off. Thats right, raising the middle finger.

    (site also has some information on trial by combat)

    So the classic protest against the Federal Reserve and their evil eye is flipping them off with the middle finger

    This Novemember 22nd is a good time time to join together and give a salute to the Federal Reserve System.
    Join me as we give them the fed up salute and ward off the eye

    Here is site claiming you can't protest that way (sure.. what is this a conspiracy of the evil eye?)
    They can raise the evil eye but the public can't ward it off with the middle finger?

    This site has information about infamis digitus and craven cowards as well:

    The word infamy comes from the Latin infamis and means "having a bad name, of ill repute," or "notorious." Interestingly enough, if you displayed the infamis digitus at someone, you were not displaying to them your pinky. But, the infamis digitus had its origin, acording to the OLD, "as a defence against the evil eye." Wow. So, if someone gave you the evil eye in antiquity, thereby supposedly subjecting you to some spell or evil consequences, you just have to display the infamis digitus to drive it away. It is reminiscent of Luther's line that when he was oppressed by the devil, he would "drive him away by a fart." We have come so so far, haven't we?
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    Bump - Federal Reserve protest nov 22.

    FYI - I don't believe in cussing generally, but thought this was a pretty unusual fact worth a bump..

    and after looting TRILLIANS of dollars in a couple of weeks, this is far tamer then a rail and tar and feathers.
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    FYI - Maybe a gold based currency with a raised middle finger symbol might work.. Just a thought
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    thats funny, until about halfway though 1st grade i pointed with my middle finger because it felt more natural, then while pointing in class a kid told on me for giving the finger thus i stopped.
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