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Thread: Captain D's raises prices

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    Default Captain D's raises prices

    Within the last month my local Captain D's raised prices 29 cents on baked potatoes, corn, and mac & cheese. These are the side items that probably cost you a hidden ~$1 when you buy the dinners. On that assumption, that's a 29% increase, almost 1/3. If you want to say each side item costs $2, which I believe is further from the truth, it's still an increase of 14.5%.

    I can understand an increase in corn, but potatoes? I'm not sure if I should be pissed or worried...

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    Burger King here raised the price of a Kid's Meal by about a buck.
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    Auntie Anne's has raised their prices on pop and their pretzels by about $0.10 in the last month or so.

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    Our Thursday night special of one large cheese pizza for $3.99 at the local pizzeria just went up to $4.99.
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    Car food at the local Sunoco have gone down over 30 cents since last month.
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    Gas dropped 30 cents a gallon today.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eroberer View Post
    Gas dropped 30 cents a gallon today.
    I've been pleasantly surprised by gas prices as well. Perhaps the spike we had in oil took a while to work it's way to the Captain and soon I can get my baked potato 29 cents cheaper.

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    Not Captain D's!

    Whats next, is Micky D's gonna raise the Hot'n Spicys to 1.50?

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    I was looking at the frozen TV dinners the other day and remembered they were 10 for $10 the last time I was at the store.
    Now, they are $1.25 each and there is one less meat ball in them. They used to have 5 and now they have 4.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.3D View Post
    I was looking at the frozen TV dinners the other day and remembered they were 10 for $10 the last time I was at the store.
    Now, they are $1.25 each and there is one less meat ball in them. They used to have 5 and now they have 4.
    Typical - prices go up, quality/quantity goes down. A sure sign the economy is not good (or that people's perception of it is not good)
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    sonic's prices went up by 20% when minimum wage did, as did the local grocery store, i work in retail and most of our prices have gone up some by as much as 50-60%

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    wow. up here in maine lobsters off the boats were going for $2.40 a pound. Talked with some fisherman today and they said that might go up to $2.75 a pound today. Its really hurting the fisherman up here with the low costs. I bet if i went to the grocery store though lobsters would still be selling for an arm and leg though.

    Freakin hotdogs are more expensive than lobsters now and for some reason i eat a lot more hotdogs.

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    hadn't been to the liquor store in a while. Last weekend I went for a bottle of Crown and I noticed prices on all liquors have gone up a lot.

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    Wendies 5 piece nuggets are up to like 1.15 (or 19) from .99. That makes me sad as they are freaking awesome. Gas is below 2.50 though which is freaking amazing compared to just a few months ago though... Seriously even 2.44 still sucks.
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    here in Chicago it's just as expensive to shop at the regular grocery stores as it is to shop at Whole Foods. I can get organic stuff (and it tastes waaay better) for nearly the same prices as non-organic at a regular store. Organic butter, sugar, milk, eggs, cereal, flour, etc... prices are evening out.

    I'm also gonna miss the farmer's market here where I can get cheap specialty cheeses from our "cheese guy". I got a big hunk of amazing Parmesan for $4 on Sunday. It's easily 2x that in the grocery store.

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