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Thread: People fleeing U.S. bonds?

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    People fleeing U.S. bonds?

    What do you guys think about this?

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    thanks for posting. i think he's right.

    edit: i think he's right about people fleeing bonds and the first half of the video. but i don't think his "solutions" are correct. he is for bailing out the insolvent institutions. i say let them all fail, and we'll pick up the pieces and move forward with a clean slate.
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    I believe he is correct as well. All this mess will probably end up in a bond market collapse and a stock market crash just like in the great depression.

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    Aren't bonds in the beginning of a crash now? Their yield spread over the fed funds rate is spiking. The thread title is a little misleading as people are flocking to treasuries (US Bonds). U.S. corporate bonds would have been more specific.

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