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Thread: Illegal Immigrants" Constitutional Rights Violated?

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    Default Illegal Immigrants" Constitutional Rights Violated?

    Illegal Immigrants" Constitutional Rights Violated?
    A Connecticut federal judge has ordered hearings to determine whether the Constitutional rights of illegal immigrantssome of whom ignored deportation orderswere violated by federal agents who arrested them.

    The case involves last summer"s arrest of 31 illegal immigrants by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents in the New Haven area. More than half had pending court cases in Hartford and five had been previously deported yet continued living in the area.

    During a regional roundup of such violators, federal agents arrested the group last June and immigration advocates immediately accused authorities of racial profiling. Attorneys representing the illegal immigrants argued that the federal agents violated the U.S. Constitution"s fourth and fifth amendments by conducting illegal searches, lacking probable cause and arresting people based on race.

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    what a crock - they have their own constitution - they need to check that before claiming such nonsense...
    I am Ron Paul.
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