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Thread: "Farming With Nature: A Case Study of Successful Temperate Permaculture"

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    Cool "Farming With Nature: A Case Study of Successful Temperate Permaculture"

    I found this video to be quite interesting. Has anyone else heard of this kind of agriculture?
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    My mom used the same type of approach when she grew up in Poland, although their system was more for a family rather than a farm. That video is such a tease, I'd love to see another 4-5 hours on that guy's farm.
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    I piled up a bunch of trees and wood and expect that to become rich fertile soil that retains moisture and supplies nutrients for a garden.

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    I've been clearing up the front few acres where I just moved (the part fenced off that I consider my yard is about two acres and is about a third wooded). Anyway, my goal is to landscape with native plants.

    The place has two huge post oaks, a huge black walnut, a decent shortleaf pine, and the rest is basically a Mexican plum thicket (and hercules club)...great start but not too too much. So I've spent two straight weeks cleaning up the fence line, pruning trees, basically shaping things up before fall, and I've discovered several saplings on the edge of the woods that I got excited about.

    Witch Hazel
    Yaupon Holly
    Several Wax Myrtles
    2 American Beautyberries
    Some boxelder maples
    Persimmon tree

    Today, I ran to town with my family, and when I came back my neighbor had bushogged my place (I had asked him to...i just thought I'd be there). The saplings didn't make it.
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