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Thread: Who approached Ron Paul...

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    Who approached Ron Paul...

    Who approached him in the first place to run for president?

    I know he said he got together with a think tank type group of people and then tried to see how his ideals would fair in the election. Anyone know?


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    Ken Snyder is what I remember him saying.
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    I really don't remember for sure anymore, but I thought it was Aaron Russo.
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    Alex Jones also approached him.

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    alex said he was one of the people trying to get him to run ill bet it was a group of freedom force intenational members

    heres there holl of honor ill bet many of these folks were there
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    As I recall Restore the Republic was involved...Trevor Lyman was on the payroll of that group...Russo's group. tones

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    I think I heard him say his family convinced him but that might have included close friends like Kent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RonPaulFanInGA View Post
    Kent Snyder.
    Thanks. heard a conspiracy theory the other day that had the thought that ron paul was a way for the NWO to see who would be most likely to stand up against there cause. I thought it was rediculous since he is so passionate, and has always been this way. But then i thought later after the argument, who really approached him to run, and what were there intentions. Now that i haver read about kent snyder though there is no doubt this is a bogus theory. thanks.

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    NWO propping up Ron Paul seems like an illogical idea to me. before RP there were small "tribes" of freedom orginizations, unting them and exposing millions to an anti-NWO agenda seems quite counter-productive to me
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    It was Kent who was the leading factor in getting Paul to run for office. All others mentioned here helped also, Alex Jones, Aaron Russo, Paul's family, Lew Rockwell and all of the people who helped raise hundreds of thousands for Paul's exploratory committee.

    The rest is history.
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