Fellow Libertarians,

For those of you who donıt know me, my name is Damien Ober, libertarian
candidate for US Senate. Last winter, I was a delegate candidate to the
republican national convention for Ron Paul and helped spearhead the
canvassing drive which got Dr. Paul on the primary ballot here in January.

Currently, we are working hard for major party recognition and laying the
groundwork toward establishing a DC chapter of the LP. As the only
libertarian on the DC ballot in this November election, it is crucial for
the party that we have a strong showing.

Despite our relative lack of resources, my staff and I have had huge
successes in getting our message to DC voters. I have appeared in the DC
Citypaper and the Washington Post, several local political blogs are now
following the campaign closely and we just passed 10,000 visits to our
online material.

The underpinnings of a groundswell are here. There is netroots interest and
a concentrated and avid following in several areas of Northwest. But we
need to add a physical, a more traditional presence throughout the city.
With your help we can blanket DCıs busiest intersections with campaign
posters, get literature in the hands of commuters and set the stages for a
successful GOTV effort on election weekend. When people see that there is
an organization behind my candidacy, it will trigger a chain reaction of
interest * both voter and media * which is sure to reflect in vote totals.

We have a great team of graphic designers already volunteering their
services, so every dollar you contribute will go directly to expanding the
physical presence of the campaign, increasing name recognition and helping
to establish the LP as a visible political force here in Washington.

We have accomplished so much with so little. 4200 ballot access signatures
without a single paid canvasser. Great campaign literature and a
revolutionary web site. A message that is catching fire across the
internet. There are 4 weeks left in the campaign and so it becomes
absolutely essential that we act now. We have worked so hard and so I ask
now, please contribute what you can to help us complete the job.

To contribute, visit the campaign website http://www.shadow08.com/donate.htm

Or make checks payable to D. Lincoln Ober for Senate*** and mail to:

D. Lincoln Ober for Senate

attn: Treasurer

PO Box 21322
Washington DC

***make sure you include your mailing address, occupation and employer - for
campaign finance purposes.

For those who have yet to do so, you can join our supporter's page on
facebook by following the link bellow


Thank you for your support
Damien Lincoln Ober