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Thread: Turning a Wall Street Giveaway Into a Rescue for All Americans

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    Turning a Wall Street Giveaway Into a Rescue for All Americans

    Written by a leading progressive, but worth the read--see the sausage making process in action.
    When all else fails,
    there's always

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    Bump for this part which I found in by clicking on a link in the article:

    (You can find this by clicking on the link titled "listen to the conference call")

    Mussolini-Style Corporatism in Action: Treasury Conference Call on Bailout Bill to Analysts (Updated)

    "Various readers wrote us, and it was confirmed by a detailed report on the call at DealBreaker, that the Treasury Department held a conference call this evening for analysts on the bailout bill. A memo was evidently sent to SIFMA members; others may have been contacted by other means. But the report I got from one person who was on the call was the the questions came from financial services industry members. In other words, this was most assuredly not intended to be a call open to the public at large. If anyone from the media or other member of the great unwashed was listening in, it was by accident.

    This is simply scandalous. To have a group of interested parties get a privileged briefing by government officials on a matter of keen public interest flies in the face of what a democracy is supposed to be about. The proper method would either be a published FAQ on the Treasury website or a briefing with the media included. But why should I be surprised? Favoritism has been a staple of the Bush Administration."

    The actual call is a download torrent... I don't have any p2p software on my computer right now. I didn't listen to it.

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