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Thread: Getting people to register Republican for the primaries.

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    Getting people to register Republican for the primaries.

    > Voter Registration: Our group is getting organized to understand
    what it takes to change party affiliation and then we're planning to
    get out messages such as "only 30 days to change party affiliation"
    and "Only 15 days left to change party affiliation". My personal
    belief is that this project alone could make the difference in Dr.
    Paul's winning the primaries. (But then, I'm from the Bay Area where
    most voters are Democrats and also very well read, illigent, and pro-
    active. The Ron Paul sell is easy; our challenge is to get them to
    send in their forms.)
    along these lines, a facebook group posted a list of GOP state web sites...

    Here is a list of all 50 states and their appropriate GOP website. Click on the one for your state and let's get moving!

    New Hampshire
    New Jersey
    New Mexico
    New York
    North Carolina
    North Dakota
    Rhode Island
    South Carolina
    South Dakota
    West Virginia

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    now, while I'm opposed to their direction of JUST going after Republican voters (who are rapidly shrinking in number, due to our current dictator's performance and the war going south), I did notice that at least some of these pages have something interesting...

    taking my own state, for example:

    take a look at that yellow box on the right marked: "ACTIONCENTER" - one of the options is register to vote... I believe I've also seen one of those banners like for donations, myspace, youtube, etc. that you can paste into your page that does the same thing.

    We need something like that, and should start encouraging people to put them on their pages. At worst, a page of online register to vote forms and info on when each states primaries are, who can vote in them and deadlines for changing your registration.

    This is a lot better than paper forms, both have their place.


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    Great job Nathan!

    I saw a good MySpace post too:

    How to vote for Ron Paul in the primary election

    This link will show you whether or not your state requires a person to change their political party inorder to vote in the primaries. The primary election is where a Republican or Democrat is chosen to run for their polical party (I.E. George Bush vs. John Kerry) - not to be confused with the general election where a president is nominated into office.

    Ron Paul is running as a republican - so be sure to change your polical party if your state requires you to do so, and do it within the timeframe allotted. If you have any questions about your states primary election, you can either call your local voting official or the Federal Election Commission at: 1-800-424-9530

    If your state requires you to change your political party I strongly recommend you do it. Go to the link above, fill out the form at the top of the page (you should also be able to get the form at your library or department of motor vehicle) and send it to your respective state.

    Ron Paul for president!

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    Registration to vote is a function of Secratary of States of each state. For example for California to register or change party can be done at

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    In Washington state you do not have to declare a party to vote in either the primaries or the general election. In the primaries you just say which party you want to vote for, or if they mail out your ballot you get all the parties on it but you may only vote for one party. I dunno about if you want to get to be a delegate, though.

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    Just a suggestion...

    I would consider changing my voter's registration to republican regardless of whether or not your state has open primaries.

    Just because your state may have open primaries now doesn’t mean that they will come election time.

    I ran for State House in Florida as a Libertarian and just days before the election, my district was re-mapped and my neighborhood was placed into another district.

    Needless to say, I didn't win, but had I won, there no doubt would have been a court case claiming that I wouldn't have been able to assume office since I didn't live in the district that I ran in.

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    Thanks for the state listing Tangent. I checked out my state page and they had a poll about the debates. I was happy to see Ron Paul won this poll with 70%! Woo Hoo!!

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    In Wyoming, primaries are closed. You must register Republican. Consult your county clerk.

    In addition, if you want to be a delegate to a county convention or the state or national convention, you must be registered Republican and be at your precinct caucus.
    Put the "Republic" back in "Republican"!

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