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Thread: Wachovia Resumes Trading, Shares Sell for $120K Plus

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    Wachovia Resumes Trading, Shares Sell for $120K Plus

    HEy, everyone. Chart Wachovia (WB) for today. When trading resumed at 2:30PM EST, the price spike sto over 120,000.00 per share. Now it's down to 1.50-1.80. It's gotta suck to be the person who bought shares that high.

    Here's a link to Yahoo Finance
    It says that the day's range is 0.01 to 150,500.00.

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    I know nothing of how those level 2 guys operate. Maybe someone can explain it to me. It seems criminal to keep the spreads that far apart. If people want to jump ship they should be allowed to do so.
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    Sells its entire banking operations and down only 80%?

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    I guess there's hope that someone will buy them out.

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