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    Dear Freedom Fighters,

    I am a devoted believer in Dr. Paul and have been for years. I am also a firm believer in the power of the Constitution. I am a member of the Ron Paul forums as well as the campaign for liberty. I am a member of the Vermont Ron Paul Meetup group. I am a member of We The Peoples Congress for Constitutional Education. I am also a member of many other freedom and liberty movements and organizations. I have to share this thought and I ask with the deepest sincerity that you pass this along to Dr. Paul. If it isn’t already being considered or if it is I am not interested in any recognition. I am only interested in action.

    Now, at this moment just before our elected officials vote to steal our hard earned dollars to turn over to these failed companies so that their executives and bond holders can be made whole; we need the leadership of Dr. Paul. It is not difficult to see in any of the poles that the American people do not want to bail these companies out. I am not going to preach to the choir here so I will get to the point.

    There are thousands of freedom minded groups across this nation. Many of these have not been an active part of the political process this cycle in any meaningful way. It is a fact that we have very little time to make our case, the people’s case, heard. We need to organize these groups and it needs to be done quickly so that we can present a well organized and strong front to say clearly “STOP THE MADDNESS”.

    There are many groups that are making the case for consolidation. Several even planning meetings to discuss this; yet I fear without the media at the wheel so that the message can reach everyone the numbers needed may not be reached. What I propose is that Dr. Paul makes a public call to all that would say NO to this insanity to make contact. I would also propose that a different site be setup specifically to handle this topic because there will be many that may not agree with everything Dr. Paul stands for. Although the educated among us know this stems mostly from just not understanding the principles and intent of our founding documents and the history that brought them to us. This would also be a great way to get an ear from new and now more open potential freedom fighters.

    The plan as I envision it, would be to come up with some statements of declaration concerning the peoples intent should our representatives vote against our wishes. I am not politician but here are a few of my suggestions:

    1) Any elected official that does not vote as his constituents would have it will have any legal action that can be taken enacted.

    2) Any elected official that does not vote as his constituents would have it would have a public campaign mounted to assure that re-election was not possible.

    I envision this working by having a team of freedom fighters to go through each officials record for their entire tenure and list every single mistake they made and publicize it.

    3) Mount a campaign where we enlist people and get them to commit to using the only real tool we have; our money. If they take our money and give it to these failed companies we, in a large scale and organized fashion, refuse to file federal income taxes until we are “made whole”

    4) I do not know if this is feasible but if it is I would say we pursue this. Contact every state governor and see if we can get the states to put on a ballet for public vote, if the people of each state want to willingly give money from their pay for this cause. If there is a vote and the people say NO. Then the States that vote in unison join together and tell the FED NO.

    I have other ideas as well and am willing to step up and do as much of the foot work as possible. The main point is we need consolidation and we need a leader that has the resources and ability to do this. Ron Paul is our leader. I am sure, all of the people who do not want to pay these failed companies would be happy to give part of it to Dr. Paul to organize and make this happen.
    I know of one meeting sponsored by the group started by Tom Cryer that is about to take place. It would be a great place to start because libertyworks has done a lot of footwork to start organizing the freedom fighters. He can’t reach everyone. I am positive that Dr. Paul is aware of Tom and his group. The contact information is . I am aware that WTP will be participating as well. In the large scheme of things there are differences between the groups but at large we are all fighting the same cause; An unjust unconstitutional ruling body.

    Please e-mail me to at least let me know this was read by a real person. If any part of it gets through let it be: WE NEED A LEADER TO ORGANIZE THE TROOPS SO WE CAN BE HEARD. Please pass this on to Dr. Paul.

    Most Sincerely and Respectfully,

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    I appreciate the sentiment, but this is not really necessary. If the government would OBEY THE CONSTITUTION, this would never have happened. A better idea would be for the voters to own their responsibility to hold congress accountable for its stupid ideas.

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