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Thread: Official now: Ron Paul wins Maryland GOP Straw Poll

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    Official now: Ron Paul wins Maryland GOP Straw Poll

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    “The final vote showing Ron Paul won is a lesson for all campaigns of how grassroots politics can make all the difference. The Paul campaign repeatedly e-mailed their base of support to turn out at the State Fair to cast a vote for Dr. Paul, and in doing so, demonstrated that a small organized operation can beat the odds.”

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    It's nice to see they finally had to admit that we won. Although, they did make it clear that we were highly represented there unlike most other candidates. Oh, and I see they had some more spoiled ballots. Why this ever happens is beyond me.

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    Ballots get spoiled if voters scribble on them, vote for multiple candidates, in some way make their vote indecipherable, vote with their hot dog ketchup, etc. It doesn't mean the GOP spoiled the ballot, although it could mean that. But somehow I'm not sure how the party could spoil a ballot by taking it out of a box and counting them, since they are not being fed into a machine.

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    “The Maryland Republican Party’s booth at the State Fair was a huge success. By contrast, the Democrat Party’s booth was a ghost town. Where were the Democrats? They were at our booth signing our petitions opposing tax increases.”

    This was a good line though. We all hate taxes.
    It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds. - Samuel Adams

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    Little ol' Maryland had almost as many people vote as big assed Texas. Explain that! And the delegates routine is not the answer. There were 14000 delegates in Texas and I know this was open in Maryland..

    Could it mean the enclaves of the Northeastern Liberals care more about freedom than Texans?


    Where's inbo.. I wanna hear WC Fields weigh in on this


    "I quit drinking. Now I freeze it and eat it."-WC Fields

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    As of yet I see no mention of it in the general news but you can still find Hunter's victory in Texas in the political section of Yahoo.

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    You should see the victory dance I'm going to do right now!

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